Blue Star Press is searching for wildly creative authors and independent artists. To submit your book or game idea for consideration, please answer the below questions and submit your answers to us at Please note that due to the volume of submissions we receive, we can not send personalized responses to everyone. If you do not hear back with us within 3 months, then your submission was not accepted.

1. Please provide a description of the scope and purpose of your bookor game.

2. Please provide a detailed outline or a sample table of contents.

3. Please provide a sample chapter or a writing sample.

4. Describe the market for this bookor game. Who is the intended audience? Why will they beinterested?

5. Do you have any connections in this market (press outlets, influencers, industry experts, bookbuyers, etc.)?Please provide more details about your online reach.

6. Please provide 2-3 comparable booksor gamesthat have already been published. Please givethe title, author, ISBN, price, and a description stating how theproductis similar to, or differentfrom, your idea.

7. Why are you qualified to create this book or game? Attach your resume and list any otherinformation about yourself.