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Born to be Wild

Born to be Wild

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The Born to Be Wild coloring book includes 62 colorable pages and teaches young children fundamental learning concepts like letters, numbers, counting, and animals. Give it to your child and let them enjoy coloring on their own, or use the book with them as you help them identify the animals on each page and learn to count and recite their numbers and ABCs.
  • Letters: Coloring pages to practice ABCs
  • Numbers: Color 1-10 and practice counting with pictures of nature items like the sun, palm trees, ladybugs, and more
  • Animals: 26 cute coloring pages featuring animals like a dolphin, monkey, rabbit, turtle, and zebra!
  • Perforated Pages: One-sided coloring pages that are easily removable so you can display on the fridge afterward! 
  • Big, Simple Pictures: Perfect for little hands!
Each adorable illustration featured in this toddler coloring book was created by bestselling artist Brita Lynn Thompson, aka @zenspiredesigns!

About the Author

Brita Lynn Thompson was born in 1994 and has been creating her whole life. She is an illustrator and business owner/founder of Zenspire Designs from Pittsburgh, Pa. In June 2014, she was chosen out of 4,000 plus entries as the winner for Starbucks "White Cup Contest." Her design was reproduced onto their reusable cups online and in every store in the US and Canada during this past summer. Winning this contest really launched her dream to have a business. The day before they announced her as the winner, she created her Etsy shop. After winning, she got a lot of publicity and recognition, and the rest is history! She ran with this opportunity that skyrocketed her business. With that, she has had opportunities to work with small and large brands and finally become a published illustrator back in 2017 when she illustrated a coloring book for Maria Shriver called "Color Your Mind" She is excited to see where the future takes her and her business, Zenspire Designs!


Format: Paperback
Page Count: 128
Trim Size: 8 x 10
ISBN: 978-1950968374

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