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The Endless Art Challenge Card Deck

The Endless Art Challenge Card Deck

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Reignite your creativity! Combat creative block using the 90 mix-and-match prompts in this card deck—perfect for artists of all skill levels and mediums

When it comes to creating art, often the hardest part is getting started. With The Endless Art Challenge Card Deck, you can spark new ideas and inspiration and put your art skills to the test!

Featuring 90 unique cards, the prompts in this deck are separated into three categories: 

  • SUBJECT MATTER: A word or phrase to inspire the subject matter of your artwork 
  • COLOR INSPIRATION: A suggested color or color palette to include in your artwork 
  • WILD CARD: A third element to help guide you to a more specific idea 

Just pull one card from each section and voilà! You’ve got a totally unique combination of words, colors, and direction to help you get started making something beautiful. And with 30 cards in each of the three sections, there are more than 25,000 possible combinations of inspiring prompts and art exercises. Plus, each card also features unique artwork from 90 artists around the globe—you might even discover a favorite new artist as you hone your own style!

Once your artwork is complete, post it to social media using the hashtag #TheEndlessArtChallenge so that other creatives from all over the world can find, share, and support each other through the use of this deck!

The perfect gift for both budding and experienced artists, art teachers, and anyone looking to bring more creativity into their daily life, The Endless Art Challenge Card Deck is the perfect starting point to develop a daily art practice.


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Format: Card Deck
Pages: 90
Trim Size: 3 x 4
ISBN: 978-1958803790

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