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The Organized Home for New Parents

The Organized Home for New Parents

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If you’re a new parent or soon-to-be-parent wondering how the heck to manage life at home with a baby or toddler, don’t worry: mom of 3 and celebrity organizing expert Ría Safford is here to help.
With 3 young kids and a busy small business to run, Ría Safford knows that life as a new parent can often feel like “crazytown bananaland.” From dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen sink to heaps of new toys and clothes and contraptions in every corner of your home, life with young kids can be, well, a lot. That’s why Ría, a former messy momma herself, hunkered down and developed systems to declutter and calm the chaos of everyday life spilling into her home. Now in her first book, the highly-sought-after national organizing expert shares the tried-and-true techniques that she’s used to help both A-list celebrity clients and everyday new parents reduce stress and bring order to their families’ life at home with kids ages 0-2.
In The Organized Home for New Parents, Ría will teach you:
  • How to organize your baby or toddler’s spaces (nursery, bathroom, play area) so that the things you need to care for them are easy to find and use
  • How to create systems for shared spaces like your kitchen and pantry to make activities like breastfeeding, solid food prep, etc. more manageable
  • How to arrange your stroller, diaper bag, and other essentials for trips outside the house and on the road
  • Hacks for tackling the growing pile of laundry throughout the week
  • How to juggle the important stuff (your mental to-do list, your calendar, your records) so you can keep track of your family’s schedule
  • Tips for bringing peace to your personal spaces (bedroom, bathroom, closet) so you can start your day off on the right foot
  • How to build good habits to regularly reset your spaces so that toys, clothes, and other items can be cycled out of the home as your child grows
This book also includes dozens of images from inside other new parents’ homes, as well as checklists and charts that will help you quickly prioritize what you need (and when) to prepare your home for your baby. The perfect baby shower present or gift for new moms and dads, The Organized Home for New Parents will help you get through this hectic season of life and create a safe, comfortable, and organized home for your growing family.

About the Author

Ría Safford is a mom of 3 and the founder of RiOrganize, a company offering full-service organization, design and space planning to families across the United States. Ria has organized spaces for A-list clients like Vanessa Bryant and Ciara and for everyday families who are desperate for more streamlined systems in their homes. Ría’s own organization journey began when she became a new mom and felt overwhelmed by all the mess accumulating in her house. She set out to calm the chaos and help families everywhere reduce stress and create routine-ready spaces that would make managing life with little ones easier. Ría has partnered with companies including Target and Michaels and has 325K fans following her on Instagram for organization inspiration and advice. Ría’s family descends from Cuba. She now lives in Dallas with her husband and three kids.


Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 252
Trim Size: 8 x 9
ISBN: 978-1958803042

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